Sunday, November 28, 2010

dear diary part 1

i have no idea when u gonna read this but soon or later i believe u will read this..
all thing that i wrote here is all about us..wat i have been through with you during happy n sad time no matter wat condition it is..

This love story is no different with another love story. but it is more meaningful because it is full of patterns and colors of our own lives and create the finest

Day frst i know she:
during that time i'm using my friendster to adding she up at frst i saw her profile pic i fall in love with that cute face..

we kenal each other start from first its just normal conversation..then we start move to ym..there we talk more..during that time she is in singapore really near to me..
that time i can't wait to meet she..haaaaaa.. but i shy..i don't dare to make a first step :)

then we move to another step which we exchange our phone number..hurmm thing happenend very fast we kept txtng each other non stop where ever or what ever we do all we share :) but still i don't make a step..haaaaaaa..

then from there i know that u r studying in shah alam..owh that great :) i tot u're singaporean lol.! so its quit dificult for me to meet she coz during that time i'm no longer active back my passport.hurmm than we keep cntct each other.. to make it short our frst meet a.k.a date haaaa this is really interesting.! i think that time i'm doin my intern if i'm not she came to jb..thats really surprise
i didn't expect that we will be bolstering the ring.! :)))

hurmm then we spent time together day n night.. all thing goes smoothly n it never goes wrong..everything we did was fun.! owh ya n its on valentine..n we start build together our relation..until now..

we had been thru everything after many thing comes n go.! bad n sweet memories..
what else should i ask from god.! this is the most blast give for me having she in my life..

from day to day i learn about her..she are my passion.! every single thing about her i want to know..
she is the sweetest person i ever had.. hurmm..

she always with me when i'm in trouble..she never say no when i need u..tq for that..then time past very fast..she finished her studies n go back to her hometown to do your intern pulak.. during that time i was really worried about our relation coz i know since she moving back there its need a big afford for us to build our relation smoothly n strongly..but things happened.! i'm use to it.. we still go on with the flow..

this time the challenge is more tougher.! no matter is it yaaeh.!!we did it.! we prove it that we can overcome it.! no matter wut nothing can stop us..we share everything.! every single detail..about your work, our future, our problem.! everything n that time u njoy your self doing your intern..

me bz with my final year n she always with me..she is always there for me.! i felt like she be besides me all the time..i njoying my final year with alot of good thing happened.! and sometimes i did mengadu dekat die yg i did have some issues with my studies n lectur n lectures..she the one who giving me a moral support.!!!

SEE.!! u done so many thing for me.!

but sun are not always bright.! we still enjoying our life together even in a long distance..i don't aspect much..coz i understood our condition..

we're special..we're not like other couple who are they can meet each other spending time together..but we're different we don't do that..! n why we can still be together.? because we choose that way.! well its hard but not impossible..we did meet each other when we both have time.. i appreciate her time n she did too. so we don't have much isuess on that eventough ots tough..

Hurmm the best part is our convocation is same.. so i really happy that he could make it n came to my convocation.. i don't need flower or what so ever..! its enough to see her that day..i strt getting know her friend n we hangout together.! ya then i n her friends still keep in touch together.. by hangout together with her friend sedikit sebanyak it can disappear kan my rindu towards her..coz i believe she always with us when we are together.! thing are back to normal we having a separate life.. but its doesn't mean that we are not trying to living again i never provoked her to transfer n find a job in kl.! cause i knew it takes alot of thing.!

so day goes by day.! weeks go by weeks.. months go by months.. hurmm
yaeh we almost reach to 3 years relation..n without our willing n out of our control..a strong big structure destroy just like that by a little vibrate from outside the structure..n wow.! that was really disaster...i never hope for it from happened no one does.! but god has determined that us should be until this long period..

but i never believe it.! i will try my best to win her heart back.! i do promise to my self.!i believe with patience i can do this..its just god need to help me..

this will not the end of our love story.. i hope it will have a 2nd chapter..

Just because I’m losing
Doesn’t mean I’m lost
Doesn’t mean I’ll stop

They are turning my head out
To see what I'm all about
Keeping my head down
To see what it feels like now
But I have no doubt
One day the sun will come out